Small and Medium Business

We at Interspace recognize that in today's economy, not everyone can afford to have an IT staff. We strive to fill the needs of the business that has big IT needs, but not a big budget. Who do you call when your network fails and you need help *now*? How about when you lost power to your data closet and everything didn't come up like it should? "Who you gonna call?" Ghostbusters? Not unless your calendar says it's 1984. Unfortunately, ghosts are still in machines and computers everywhere. Let Interspace help you with your poltergeists!

Call or contact us and ask about our discounts on bulk puchases of IT hours, to be used when you need them.

  • Network design and troubleshooting
  • Professional cabling services
  • IT Consultation
  • Enterprise wireless deployments
  • Remote and same day on-site support

SQL Solutions

Every business is different, but almost always deals with spreadsheets, reports, and digital data. We will consult with your company and determine ways we can help you save time and money utilizing custom built programs, tailored to your business needs. If you generate reports from data living in spreadsheets, we can likely make your life much easier. Using a combination of SharePoint, SQL, SSRS, and Visual Studio, we can help you do away with any tedious and costly procedures you currently use. Interspace uses these solutions in house, so we can show you how it has impacted our business model. Call or contact us today, and we can set up a free consultation to see how we can help you discover IT!

Residential Services

Interspace provides residental services for a broad range of technology and home entertainment needs. From running network cables, to mounting your brand new flatscreen TV, let us help you with your needs. We have excellent turnaround time in our in-house repair facility. If you would rather have a technician dispatched to your home, we can do that too!

  • Wireless networking
  • Cabling of all types
  • Home theater installations
  • In-home computer care
  • Technical consultations

Data Recovery

The technicians at Interspace Technologies have a long track record of successful data recovery from any number of hard drive woes. A lot of things can happen that will make a drive appear unreadable, and is easily misdiagnosed. We utilize a basket of tools and technologies to extract data from drives that have lost partition structure, contain bad sectors, and suffered from accidental formats. If you think your drive is dead, bring it on in to our staff, you might be surprised!

Untangle Partner

We are an official Untangle Partner. Untangle is a powerful open source platform that can function as your line of defense in your home or office, among many other abilities. It's such a powerful product, its what we use here at Interspace to control spam, viruses, and phishing into our internal network!

It's not only good for businesses, but for home users too. Kids these days are quite ingenious and resourceful. Utilizing Untangle to do your web filtering and parental controls ensures that they cannot bypass the rules you have put into place, as all network must flow through the device.

Call or contact us today to ask about what Untangle can do for you! As a partner, we can not only take care of the planning and deployment of your device, but we can also get you discounts on the regular pricing for the various modules.

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